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Doug Moe sent me this book recently and I found it very entertaining. Pick yourself up a copy here

Man vs. Child Father Nation

Alf Herigstad has done everything from farming to long haul trucking, from owning a boxing gym to being a real estate agent.  You could say he’s a jack-of-all-trades—but he knows his most important job in life.  Teaching others the importance of character, personal accountability, and looking in the mirror, Alf encourages dads everywhere to be better men.  After listening to the episode, be sure to check out his son’s new children’s book “I’m a Monster” designed to help you bond with your kid.I'm the Monster—Clinton Herigstad

Robert Nickell is a dad of 7, a CEO and entrepreneur, and executive producer of My Life as a Dad, a show that delves into the lives of celebrity and professional athlete dads to get answers to important questions like:how they feel about being a dad; what their parenting philosophies are; how they balance their family life with their professional life, and in some cases how they relate their unique upbringing to being a dad today.  Robert tells Father Nation about our legacy as dads and the question we all should be asking ourselves—how do you want to be remembered?  Check out the entertaining and informative video series here, and also check out Daddy & Co. for some cool stuff!

Robert Nickell Father Nation

Dad Bill Byrne is the author of “Catch a Fish”,  a collection of short stories about the growing up experiences that many of us have shared, from neighborhood kickball games to broken bones and trips to the emergency room.  Each chapter reveals a new dimension of his evolving relationship with his son, set against the backdrop of his own childhood memories and the early loss of his father.

Like adolescence, the tales are alternately funny, awkward, heart-warming and heart-breaking, a brief reflection at each stories’ end draws the reader’s thoughts to the broader question of how we remember and will be remembered by the people that are important in our lives.  This personal memoir of the father-son bond serves as a conversation starter for a discussion about the memories that define the people we have become or the people we hope our children will one day be.

Bill Byrne Father NationInterested listeners can find the book on Amazon here

Brian broke his neck playing football at the age of seventeen but still went on to graduate from college and then law school. A quadriplegic, Brian has adopted 3 kids and has recently been featured in the new book Go Ask Your Dad available here.  We talk about having a backbone rather than a wishbone and the fact that the biggest challenge we all face is ourselves.

Brian Swift Father Nation









Hogan Hilling is putting together what’s called a Dadly Rally.  What is a Dadly Rally? If you’re a dad who would like to spend more time, have more FUN and be more active in your children’s lives, the DADLY Rally invites you to join other dads who seek to create a better family and work life balance and also create a new brand of love and leadership as a dad.


1. Maximize time with his kids!

2. Find the right home and work balance for his family.

3. Unconventional solutions to conventional dad challenges!

4. Strategies to strengthen relationship with his kids!

5.Enjoy and have FUN being a dad!

The Dadly Rally mission is to support dads and moms in their quest to unify, strengthen and inform the parenting community about the equal role they play as parents.  For more info go here

Tommy Maloney comes on Father Nation to discuss how to succeed in a blended family.  A TEDx Speaker and author of 25 Tips for Divorced Dads Tommy works to give hope and encouragement to dads who are going through the difficult things that divorce brings.  Included in the episode are tips such as to use Snap Chat to connect with your kid, and how even a zamboni machine can teach you a thing or two about fatherhood! Find his website here.