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Bill Byrne

Dad Bill Byrne is the author of “Catch a Fish”,  a collection of short stories about the growing up experiences that many of us have shared, from neighborhood kickball games to broken bones and trips to the emergency room.  Each chapter reveals a new dimension of his evolving relationship with his son, set against the backdrop of his own childhood memories and the early loss of his father.

Like adolescence, the tales are alternately funny, awkward, heart-warming and heart-breaking, a brief reflection at each stories’ end draws the reader’s thoughts to the broader question of how we remember and will be remembered by the people that are important in our lives.  This personal memoir of the father-son bond serves as a conversation starter for a discussion about the memories that define the people we have become or the people we hope our children will one day be.

Bill Byrne Father NationInterested listeners can find the book on Amazon here

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