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Bob Paff is a highly sought after communications expert, business leader, and media professional.  His platform and company namesake “Communicating to Win” empowers people so they can effectively communicate in all aspects of their lives.  In this episode we talk about the fact that communication begins with you.  To communicate with your wife, kids, or anyone for that matter, you must be honest with yourself first!

Bob Paff

Rusty Koss coaches fathers to develop and implement their family values in order to get re-focused and become better dads. Visit his website for his blog and to learn more about him. In today’s episode of Father Nation Rusty tells us about his wake up call when he realised he needed to become a better dad and the four steps he took to make it a reality.

1) Create a Vision

2) Make a Set of Family Values

3) Get a Morning Routine

4) Enhance your Work Schedule

Rusty gives advice on how he implemented each step and gives reasons as to why each step is so important. In order to lead your home you need to have a target to shoot for along with the discipline and strategy to work toward that goal. If there were one easy to follow guide to become a better dad, this would be it!


Matt Miller is a former Air Force pilot turned corporate man who eventually started his own business and is now his own boss. School Spirit Vending is a unique business model where interested families can turn for a great secondary income stream that can fit into the cracks of your life. Matt talks about fatherhood and the importance of face to face communication in today’s world which is saturated in electronic media, the need to teach your kids about the value of money, and the added benefits of being an entrepreneur when in comes to being a dad. Matt offers Father Nation listeners a free ebook: Live Your Dreams available here


Dr. Phil Carson is a pharmacist who thinks outside the box of traditional medicine, helping people find natural alternatives to their health problems. We talk today about what dads can do in general to improve their health and to have the health and energy to be better dads. One food you should be adding to your diet you may not have heard of before: chia seeds. Check out Phil’s websitephil-photoNatures_Logo_130 for more!

Justin Buzzard is the lead pastor of Garden City Church in Silicon Valley and the father of three boys. We talk about dating your wife in this episode along with Justin’s thoughts on fatherhood. You can find more about Justin and his work here.

justin buzzard

Scott Keith, a professor at Concordia University in Irvine, CA, wrote a book about fathers as a picture of God’s grace. The idea is that a dad’s role is primarily that of gracious forgiver rather than a strong punisher. We get into the not-so-subtle difference between mercy and grace in this episode along with this food for thought: As a dad what is more needed, rules or forgiveness?


Ryan Michler created the Order of Man website where men are encouraged to become better in all facets of life, from money, relationships, fitness, leadership and everything in between. Living with purpose, achieving self-mastery, and creating your legacy is what the Order of Man podcast is about and we discuss some of that in this episode of Father Nation including what manhood is, which of course is related to fatherhood. One key point Ryan gives I believe is the idea of self-mastery, and to become a better dad you need to master different areas of your life—whatever they need to be. Be a dad that becomes better in all facets!


Scott Sampson is a dinosaur palaeontologist and host of the Emmy-Nominated PBS kid series “Dinosaur Train”. He comes on Father Nation to discuss connecting your kid with nature and the importance of scheduling time with your child. In today’s world kids are spending less and less time outdoors and there are—and will be—problems because of this. Whether it’s taking advantage of urban nature or enlisting technology to help get your kid interested in the great outdoors, there are many ways to help get your kid off of the sofa. Check out Scott’s book, How to Raise a Wild Child, found here.

Scott Sampson_photoKitHedman'14_e